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LabAssets: the used lab equipment experts

Our Reputation

We've developed a reputation with our partners as a reliable and great value asset management business and lab equipment auctioneer. We regularly work with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Viatris, BSPG, LGC, Malvern Pharma, etc to provide high quality lab equipment at a fraction of its usual price.

Established in 2003, LabAssets began as a project management and manual handling service that grew into a lab equipment management and advisory service. With clients asking for further assistance, we became a more comprehensive business, offering advice in the world of industrial and commercial auctions for scientific equipment and acting on clients' behalf in this arena.

It was our reputation as a strong partner that led to this new direction, and we maintain our service-focused approach even now to ensure all our customers get the best experience possible.

Our goals

We want to inspire businesses to buy and sell lab equipment in an environmentally friendly way. Rather than discarding perfectly usable lab equipment and lab supplies, we encourage businesses to sell their lab equipment on to other organisations, such as universities and schools.

Our service

LabAssets have worked for 10 years in the clinical and pharmaceutical space, offering brilliant customer service and quick delivery to all of our customers. We pride ourselves on our smooth transactions and knowledgeable approach to all things lab equipment, meaning our customers can rely on us to provide expert valuations and helpful advice.

We’re confident we can meet your needs, but we also welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement. Get in touch if you have any feedback you would like to provide.

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